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Do you need a Probate Attorney?

You might.  Probate is court-governed process that coordinates and organizes the administration of the estates of our loved ones that have passed on.  Probate is not always necessary, but it should generally be considered when a loved one has passed on.

When an estate needs to be “probated,” it is best to seek legal counsel and possible representation.  The process is time-consuming and intricate; it is not something that family members want to be worried about when they are simultaneously grieving for the loss of their loved ones.

Westward LAW will meet with you to discuss your situation, and if you decide to retain our services, we would be honored to take this burden off of your shoulders as much as we are able to.

To set up an initial meeting to discuss probate and your options for representation, call us at (360) 899-5468.  Easier, and even better is just pushing this button to schedule an appointment with us for a time convenient to you.

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