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Dealing with the IRS can be frightening

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Please Note: In order to receive our free initial consultation, you will need to have a current tax controversy with the IRS, along with letters or notices that you have received in the mail from the IRS.

Be Advised….

When dealing with the IRS, you should generally have an advisor. Consult a tax attorney, or your CPA today. Need held with a large past-due tax bill from the IRS? If you have received a Notice of Intent to Lien or Levy, give us a call. Westward LAW offers a full range of tax dispute and IRS negotiation services for individuals and small businesses which could save you thousands of dollars. Westward LAW PLLC can provide assistance and relief from IRS collection activities or other pending action. Tax attorney Mark D. Nusz is admitted to the U.S. Tax Court and can assist you with Federal tax matters. When you are faced with a tax controversy with the IRS, whether it is past due tax bills or other more complex disputes it is always a good idea to seek competent tax assistance from an Everett or Mount Vernon tax attorney.

Tax Attorney Questions

If you are looking to understand certain tax rules or are wondering whether you can take a certain questionable deduction, you may want to consult with your CPA or a qualified accountant. Find out the boundaries of what you are considering before you act. Don’t wait until the tax return is due. Schedule an appointment today.

Please note: Due to the complexity of the U.S. Tax Code and the vast nature of the tax questions that come to us, tax questions or issues that are beyond a collection controversy will be a fee-based service. As such, we may require an appointment fee that is non-refundable but which would be credited toward any agreed follow-on tax-based legal work.

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