Bankruptcy TV – “Day 38”

Well, here we are in Day 38 of the coronavirus shutdown.  Bankruptcy cases are going to increase from this, that’s for sure.  Still, there are always options for you.  I have posted the video you see here as a short pep-talk for you, if you are in financial jeopardy.  But, I’m also talking about options.  We’ll talk more about them in the coming days and weeks on my channel – Bankruptcy TV.  Tune in to learn a little about bankruptcy and how its not “the end of the world.”

In fact, it can be a new beginning.  A fresh start.  Bankruptcy TV exists for that purpose. If you are in a situation where this COVID-19 was the “straw that broke the camel’s back,” then bankruptcy might be good for you.  Maybe this was the catalyst that was needed to take that big step.  And, make no mistake, it is a big step.  It is not to be trifled with.  Use it as a last resort, but not quite (I talk about that distinction in my video). Be sure to watch it, and subscribe if you think bankruptcy might be in your future.

Our first episode of Bankruptcy TV – Day 38 of the Coronavirus crisis

So – keep putting one foot in front of the other…  Tomorrow is another day.  Make today the day that you improve your prospects for tomorrow.  Tune in for more bankruptcy tidbits and some options that might even help you avoid bankruptcy.

I hope the video was helpful. The next episodes with be more content-specific. Hang in there and take care!

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Lastly, I am using this episode to introduce you to Lucy…. may she never be forgotten (at least by me).