More Basic Bankruptcy Topics

Today the topic is Purpose; Jurisdiction; and Who can File a Bankruptcy?

Let’s start out by watching my trip to Bellingham. One of the basic bankruptcy topics I’ll be discussing is the purpose of bankruptcy. Why do we have bankruptcy laws? We’ll talk about the answer from both the debtor and the creditor’s perspective. Basically, it comes down to equal and fair treatment – of both the debtor and the creditors. In addition, the debtor needs to be protected from the unwholesome collection activities of some creditors. Such activity, taken as a whole, can have devastating effects on a debtor.

Come along to Bellingham – you might learn something

Next, we’ll move into a discussion on the jurisdiction of the bankruptcy courts. These federal courts have a pretty wide jurisdictional coverage – as you would expect. If you are a recent transplant to Washington, you may want to watch this. If you liked this, you can find more Bankruptcy Learning here.

Finally, we should have time to visit about the always important questions – “Who can be a debtor?” Put another way, can anyone file a bankruptcy? Are there some qualifications and/or restrictions to be aware of? Yes on all counts. We’ll get into those issues as well.

Bankruptcy Exemption Law
Bankruptcy can help you; use it like a tool.

It should make for an eventful, and learning-filled trip north on I-5 – from Mount Vernon to Bellingham with traveling Bankruptcy Attorney Mark D. Nusz.

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