When you are faced with difficult financial circumstances, let Westward LAW help you navigate through them.  We are a compassionate advocate for consumers and small business owners under significant strain from mounting debts.  We also offer our assistance when business owners face issues from bankruptcy of their business partners, suppliers, and customers.  Our bankruptcy attorney can offer multiple paths through the seemingly inescapable burden of these debts.

Estate and Business Planning

Whether it is a simple will or an estate requiring multiple trusts and other complex business and financial instruments, be sure to consult with Westward LAW for all of your estate planning needs.  Our estate planning attorney can assist individuals, families, and small business owners with all of their planning needs for a more secure and certain future.

Tax Law

The U.S. Tax Code is complex and fraught with traps for the unwary.  Westward LAW has a tax attorney here to help you find your way through these traps to find the best path through the minefield of U.S. Tax Law.  Whether you are in need of relief from Tax debt or you need advice about complex business transactions and the tax implications from them, come see us.

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