Tax Refund from 2015 Deadline is Right Around the Corner

Tax Refund for 2015 Deadline (and the 2018 filing deadline) Quickly Approaching

If you are anything like me, you are probably thinking that this year is moving along really fast! Looking at the calendar,

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Be sure to get your tax returns from 2015 filed

we are only about a week away from the April 15th tax filing deadline. If you are like me, you are probably thinking that this is a good time to just file a extension and be done with it for a few months (’til October 15th (or so)). But, if you are looking to get it all behind you, it’s time to move into high gear. Also, this is a good time to be thinking about the deadline for a tax refund from 2015.

Tax Refund 3-year Limit

Since I am a tax attorney, I have usually got my eye on expiring limitations on filing for previous years, etc. One of those is making sure that my clients are not at risk of losing any refunds because of a late-filed return. The IRS will only give you a refund (if it is owed to you) if the return is filed within three years of the due date. So, this year if you have not yet filed your 2015 tax return and you think you may have a refund due, you better do that quick! You have up until April 15th of 2019 to file for a tax refund from 2015 tax year (which was originally due on April 15, 2016). So, you heavens sake, if you are due a refund for that year – get the return filed!!

Do it Certified

Also, if you are sending in something like this to the IRS (a late-filed return that must be filed by the tax refund from 2015 deadline of Apr. 15th), you should definitely go and send it by certified mail with return receipt requested. That way, there can be no question that you sent your return in on time to still be eligible to receive your refund.

Many happy returns! (tax joke)

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