So what is bankruptcy, and why do I work in this legal field?

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Use bankruptcy like a tool. Keep it in your bankruptcy toolbox.

This is Mark Nusz at Westward Law and this is another episode of “Bankruptcy, and other pleasant things.” Today we’re going to start out by just talking about what it is. What is bankruptcy? Basically, it’s a process – a system of procedures that allow individuals and businesses to deal with financial distress. So that’s actually one of the reasons that I’m in this business. It is the last part – the financial distress. I like to help people that find themselves facing these types of serious financial issues. They need to deal with it, and we all know that financial matters can invade every aspect of our lives. It can really take us down several notches; bring us to the lowest points in our lives, and I like to be able to be the one that provides some measure of relief to people that find themselves in these kinds of situations. So when I’ve had people like that, I try to get them answers. I try to get him some help and counsel, and many times bankruptcy is the tool that we use to help them out of that jam.

So that is why I like to describe bankruptcy as a tool; it’s a tool in the toolbox of life, if you will. It’s not something that people should be ashamed of using. It’s there. We have it there for people to use when they need it. It doesn’t need to mean that things have to be so dire that you’re about to be living under a bridge, or something like that. It doesn’t need to be that bad. It is something, however, that you want to enter into cautiously. You want to make sure that you’ve looked at other options. You don’t want to, too quickly, rush into a bankruptcy. You want to make sure that it’s the right thing for you – and you certainly don’t want to be doing it unwisely, or too often. We have some rules in place that prevent people from filing bankruptcy too often. It is something, however, that you should be cautious about. But that’s what we’re here – we’re here to help guide you through that and make sure it’s the right fit for the individual or the business. In the end, if we feel it is the right thing for you, most people would find that it’s going to be quite a relief. And, it’s going to get them in the quickest way possible to some level of safety and financial relief that will allow them to continue on with their lives and be productive members of society once again.

You will find that your happiness will return, and eventually financial security. That’s what we want – people to be secure in their futures. We want you to be able to prepare for retirement; we don’t want people to be so down about their financial condition that it ruins their lives, ruins their relationships and their jobs; makes them not want to work. All those sorts of things are not good for families, communities, or society in general. So that’s why you ought to look at bankruptcy as basically a tool in the toolbox of life.

Hopefully this will help some of you.

I’m here to speak with folks as they have questions about bankruptcy – about whether or not it’s the right fit for them with their specific situation. Give us a call; we’re happy to speak with folks and set up an initial consultation.

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