Non-dischargeable Debts

There are certain types of debts that just cannot be discharged in bankruptcy.  This does not bar a person from following through with a bankruptcy.  If a debtor has any of these types of non-dischargeable debts, they just remain in effect and all of the debtor’s other debts are discharged.  While these areas of debt are afforded strong protection against discharge, there are sometimes circumstances when even these types of debts can be discharged, but it is a narrow subset that this is even possible for and then it can be very difficult to get the discharge to cover it.  If you are angling to make arguments to discharge these types of debts, talk to your bankruptcy attorney at length before deciding to go forward.  Expect to pay a premium as these arguments are not easy and they involve quite a bit more work than the standard petition.

  1. Most domestic obligations
  2. Most taxes
  3. Most Student Loans
  4. Most criminal and traffic fines
  5. Some Personal Injury judgments

This list is not exhaustive, and some of these debts and their slight possibility of discharge are rooted in which type of bankruptcy is sought.  Some types have a greater chance of success in Chapter 13 vs. Chapter 7.