DUI Lawyer needed when facing serious DUI charges
Drinking and Driving do not mix….
Good People Make Mistakes

You need a good DUI attorney when you’ve made a mistake.  At Westward LAW pllc, we know that people make mistakes.  If you’ve made one and have ended up with a DUI charge, you are not alone.  Many others have as well, and they are all good people.  What matters now is how you handle the adversity that you are currently faced with.  Take action today by calling a Mount Vernon or Bellingham DUI defense attorney to work on your behalf to salvage the situation.


A DUI is a Serious Charge

DUI charges and the penalties associated with them have been getting more and more serious over the past several years. What had at one time been a relatively minor offense has now expanded in its potential for extreme cost and long-term penalty.  At Westward LAW, we know that facing these charges can be a little scary; that’s why we deliver a personal service that involves face-to-face legal consultations with individual treatment in all stages of our representation.  There will be no assembly-line approach to your situation with this firm.

There can be serious potential consequences if convicted of a DUI offense. However, those that approach this situation with focus and a little bit of humility can minimize these consequences.  Being charged with a DUI doesn’t have to be the “end of the world.”  A qualified DUI lawyer can help you understand the charges and will explain your options to you;  you can achieve the best possible outcome in your case if you are armed with all the facts, and a good DUI attorney in Mount Vernon or in Bellingham.  At the end of the day, whether and for what charge you are convicted of in a court of law is all that counts; a significant portion of those charged with drunk driving are never found guilty of the original offense.